• technology
  • profitability
  • innovation
  • exclusivity
  • commitment

Throughout the last decade agricultural practices have undergone a technical revolution, in order to adapt to a global market that offers new opportunities but also demands:

  • Greater efficiency in production processes
  • Higher quality standards
  • And a firm commitment to the environment.

The prevailing circumstances have demanded the development of a new generation of vegetable nutrients, which are the product of years of experience and research and utilise the latest technologies.

Expertia is a new concept, the outcome of the evolutionary processes required in order to adapt to the new agriculture. With over 25 years of experience in industrial production, we have invested more than 14 million euros in research across 12 internationally renowned laboratories.

These actions have enabled us to obtain 22 research patents, creating the most complete catalogue in the market.

Our exclusive technologies guarantee maximum efficiency across all our products.

Expertia, an ambitious project that will revolutionise the plant-nutrition industry.